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Shrijee Lifestyle Pvt ltd is one of the leading, renowned and recognized Textile company in creating, developing and manufacturing of fabrics with value addition, Shrijee Lifestyle is 100% export and vertically integrated textile company.
Thanks to the high quality of its products, the great performance of its equipments, the good knowledge, the experience and the commitment of its personnel made our company won fame and success worldwide.

Shrijee Lifestyle Pvt ltd was setup in March 1964 and started with its printing and dyeing factory with its continuous expansion plans, it has over the years installed various machines with different finished results looking to the market needs. It is an ISO 9001-2007 certified company.

This certification is a milestone in a journey towards quality, excellence and demonstrates the competence and commitment of Shrijee in a process guaranteeing complete satisfaction for customers. Shrijee forms and implements strategies by keeping abreast of global technical Innovations and analyzing global and domestic textile development

The Company’s success is attributed to quality fabric valued relationship with customers.
Our close follows up with trends and colors by participating in various International fairs, trends forum and tied up with Italian designs studios. Also our vertical operation right from weaving, embroidery, dyeing solid grounds, digital printing, machine printing, foil printing, table printing has led us to success in the competitive textile industry.

A thorough understanding of global requirements along with continuous investments in state of the art infrastructure and technology helps Shrijee maintains its lead in the textile sector. It offers a complete and diverse ranges of products that are backed by cutting edge research and development and modern facilities for weaving, embroidery, printing and dyeing , garmenting and home textiles.

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